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The Different Types of File Systems

The three major operating systems, Windows, Apple's iOS, and Linux each have their own file systems.

Windows uses NTFS - or the New Techonolgy File System used by Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Windows 7 allows for files of up to 16.3 terabytes. Windows used to use the File Allocation Table - Windows 95 had FAT32, which allowed for a max file size of 4 GB.

Apple's HFS+ - Hierarchical File System Plus. Apple dropped the original HFS in 2009 with the adoption of Snow Leopard. HFS Plus can handle files up to 8 exabytes, or 8 million TB.

Linux has ext4 - the fourth extended file system, which has the same maximum file size as recent Windows editions - 16.3 terabytes.

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