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How to Check your PC's VRAM

The tip of the night for April 12, 2015, was to confirm that any laptop used to run trial presentation software has sufficient VRAM, or video dedicated memory. The specs for Trial Director 6 call for 1GB of display graphics RAM. It has been my experience that video clips created with Trial Director will not run correctly if they are run on a PC with insufficient VRAM. But how do you go about checking how much RAM your PC has dedicated to graphcis? If you select Properties for the Computer icon in Windows Explorer, you'll see RAM listed, but not a separate specification of the VRAM. To check follow these steps.

1. Go to Start and enter 'Run'

2. Type msinfo32 and press 'Enter'.

3. System Information will open. In the menu on the left, click on Components and then choose 'Display'.

4. In a short time, values will be generated for a number of items. Under Adapter RAM will be listed the number of GBs or MBs devoted to graphics memory.

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