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Legal Zoom at 30,000 Feet & An Alternative

Any discussion amongst legal professionals about the increasing automation of legal software will inevitably include a reference to LegalZoom. When the man or woman in the street is asked about the law and technology, chances are they'll bring up this well advertised site. As a litigation support professional it's a good idea to have general idea what LegalZoom is all about, even if it's not a resource that a Big Law firm will make use of.

LegalZoom focuses on four main areas:

1. Setting up Limited Liability Corproration or Corporations - from $149

2. Intellectual Property Services - Trademarks from $169

3. Wills from $69

4. Powers of Attorney from $35

The site also assists in the preparation of real leases and deeds; corporate name changes; bankruptcy filings; divorce filings; and prenuptial agreements.

The main tip for tonight would be to recommend Willing - ( as a free alternative to LegalZoom. This site allows you to prepare a will for no charge at all, and gives you the ability to update it at any time in the future. Willing does charge $19 for a living will or a power of attorney.

LegalZoom offers a free legal consultation for people who have received a DUI charge. LegalZoom will provide a "thorough review of your legal documents by an attorney" for documents 10 pages or under for free when the user has a business plan costing $24 per montn. Documents from 11-15 pages cost $39, and documents from 16-25 pages cost $99.

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