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RSS feeds of PACER filings

Nearly all of the United States District Courts, and some of the federal circuit courts have live RSS feeds for all new filings. See the courts with his icon:

These feeds can be added in Outlook by right clicking on the RSS feeds icon in the left hand menu and selecting 'Add a new RSS feed' . Then click on the RSS icon on the web page for the Court whose filings you want to monitor, and then select the internet address for the individual RSS feed, and copy and paste that where prompted in Outlook. The filings from the past day should automatically load, showing the case name in the subject field and time of the filing in the date field. The actual 'message' will show the docket index number with a link to the filing. The document type is shown in brackets.

This service may be most useful for anxious attorneys who want know the moment an opponent's papers are filed without having to log in to PACER.

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