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Produce a Web Site Quickly

Here's a quick process for producing web pages linked to on a central web site.

2. Next install the Link Gopher add-on.

3. Also install the Open Multiple locations add-on.

4. Go to customize in FireFox and make sure the Universal Print and Link Gopher add-ons are added to the top toolbar. Also activate the menu bar under Show/Hide Toolbars.

5. As an example, we'll write each of the web pages linked to at this SEC site, , to PDF files. See the video below.

6. Select the Link Gopher blue and red loop icon and select 'Extract All Links'.

7. Copy the links you need to produce and then go to File . . . Open Multiple Locations, and paste them in.

8. Finally, go to the Universal Print icon on the toolbar and select 'Print All Tabs'. It will be easy to generate the PDFs you need quickly.

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