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WordNet - The Super Thesaurus

The next time you're building a keyword search string, consider consulting WordNet. This online 'lexical' database is maintained by Princeton. It not only provides synonyms for different words, it lists related and conceptually similar words. It lists hypernyms (the broader category to which it belongs); hyponyms (things which are including within the concept a word covers). So for 'fraud' one hypernym would be crime, and a hyponym would be identity theft. See below how detailed the entry is for this one term.

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  • (5){00770581} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud#1 (fraud%1:04:00::) (intentional deception resulting in injury to another person)

  • direct hyponym / full hyponym

  • {00770890} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) barratry#3 (barratry%1:04:01::) ((maritime law) a fraudulent breach of duty by the master of a ship that injures the owner of the ship or its cargo; includes every breach of trust such as stealing or sinking or deserting the ship or embezzling the cargo)

  • {00778566} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) identity theft#1 (identity_theft%1:04:00::) (the co-option of another person's personal information (e.g., name, Social Security number, credit card number, passport) without that person's knowledge and the fraudulent use of such knowledge)

  • {00779084} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) mail fraud#1 (mail_fraud%1:04:00::) (use of the mails to defraud someone)

  • {00779176} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) election fraud#1 (election_fraud%1:04:00::) (misrepresentation or alteration of the true results of an election)

  • {00779303} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) constructive fraud#1 (constructive_fraud%1:04:00::), legal fraud#1 (legal_fraud%1:04:00::) (comprises all acts or omissions or concealments involving breach of equitable or legal duty or trust or confidence)

  • {00779902} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud in law#1 (fraud_in_law%1:04:00::) (fraud that is presumed from the circumstances although the one who commits it need not have had any evil intent)

  • {00779514} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) extrinsic fraud#1 (extrinsic_fraud%1:04:00::), collateral fraud#1 (collateral_fraud%1:04:00::) (fraud that prevents a party from knowing their rights or from having a fair opportunity of presenting them at trial)

  • {00779710} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud in fact#1 (fraud_in_fact%1:04:00::), positive fraud#1 (positive_fraud%1:04:00::) (actual deceit; concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent to cause injury to another)

  • {00780072} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud in the factum#1 (fraud_in_the_factum%1:04:00::) (fraud that arises from a disparity between the instrument intended to be executed and the instrument actually executed; e.g., leading someone to sign the wrong contract)

  • {00780306} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud in the inducement#1 (fraud_in_the_inducement%1:04:00::) (fraud which intentionally causes a person to execute an instrument or make an agreement or render a judgment; e.g., misleading someone about the true facts)

  • {00780531} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) intrinsic fraud#1 (intrinsic_fraud%1:04:00::) (fraud (as by use of forged documents or false claims or perjury) that misleads a court or jury and induces a finding for the one perpetrating the fraud)

  • {00781784} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) swindle#1 (swindle%1:04:00::), cheat#4 (cheat%1:04:01::), rig#7 (rig%1:04:00::) (the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme) "that book is a fraud"

  • {00755623} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) scam#1 (scam%1:04:00::), cozenage#1 (cozenage%1:04:00::) (a fraudulent business scheme)

  • {00780744} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) bunco#1 (bunco%1:04:00::), bunco game#1 (bunco_game%1:04:00::), bunko#1 (bunko%1:04:00::), bunko game#1 (bunko_game%1:04:00::), con#3 (con%1:04:00::), confidence trick#1 (confidence_trick%1:04:00::), confidence game#1 (confidence_game%1:04:00::), con game#1 (con_game%1:04:00::), hustle#1 (hustle%1:04:01::), sting#4 (sting%1:04:00::), flimflam#1 (flimflam%1:04:00::) (a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property)

  • {00781235} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) sting operation#1 (sting_operation%1:04:00::) (a complicated confidence game planned and executed with great care (especially an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend criminals))

  • {00781071} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) gyp#1 (gyp%1:04:00::), gip#1 (gip%1:04:00::) ((sometimes offensive) an act of swindling or cheating)

  • {00781445} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) pyramiding#1 (pyramiding%1:04:00::) (a fraudulent business practice involving some form of pyramid scheme e.g., the chain of distribution is artificially expanded by an excessive number of distributors selling to other distributors at progressively higher wholesale prices until retail prices are unnecessarily inflated)

  • {00782120} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) holdout#3 (holdout%1:04:00::) (the act of hiding playing cards in a gambling game so they are available for personal use later)

  • {00782269} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) swiz#1 (swiz%1:04:00::) (British slang for a swindle)

  • {00782385} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) shell game#1 (shell_game%1:04:00::), thimblerig#1 (thimblerig%1:04:00::) (a swindling sleight-of-hand game; victim guesses which of three things a pellet is under)

  • direct hypernym / inherited hypernym / sister term

  • {00767761} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) crime#1 (crime%1:04:00::), criminal offense#1 (criminal_offense%1:04:00::), criminal offence#1 (criminal_offence%1:04:00::), law-breaking#1 (law-breaking%1:04:00::) ((criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act) "a long record of crimes"

  • {00766696} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) barratry#4 (barratry%1:04:00::) (the offense of vexatiously persisting in inciting lawsuits and quarrels)

  • {00769842} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) capital offense#1 (capital_offense%1:04:00::) (a crime so serious that capital punishment is considered appropriate)

  • {00769972} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) cybercrime#1 (cybercrime%1:04:00::) (crime committed using a computer and the internet to steal a person's identity or sell contraband or stalk victims or disrupt operations with malevolent programs)

  • {00770190} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) felony#1 (felony%1:04:00::) (a serious crime (such as murder or arson))

  • {00770410} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) forgery#2 (forgery%1:04:01::) (criminal falsification by making or altering an instrument with intent to defraud)

  • {00770581} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud#1 (fraud%1:04:00::) (intentional deception resulting in injury to another person)

  • {00771184} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) Had crime#1 (had_crime%1:04:00::) ((Islam) serious crimes committed by Muslims and punishable by punishments established in the Koran) "Had crimes include apostasy from Islam and murder and theft and adultery"

  • {00771433} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) hijack#1 (hijack%1:04:00::), highjack#1 (highjack%1:04:00::) (seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination)

  • {00771640} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) mayhem#1 (mayhem%1:04:00::) (the willful and unlawful crippling or mutilation of another person)

  • {00771759} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) misdemeanor#1 (misdemeanor%1:04:00::), misdemeanour#1 (misdemeanour%1:04:00::), infraction#1 (infraction%1:04:00::), violation#1 (violation%1:04:00::), infringement#2 (infringement%1:04:00::) (a crime less serious than a felony)

  • {00774724} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) perpetration#1 (perpetration%1:04:00::), commission#8 (commission%1:04:01::), committal#2 (committal%1:04:01::) (the act of committing a crime)

  • {00775311} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) attack#5 (attack%1:04:02::), attempt#2 (attempt%1:04:02::) (the act of attacking) "attacks on women increased last year"; "they made an attempt on his life"

  • {00776003} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) Tazir crime#1 (tazir_crime%1:04:00::) ((Islam) minor crimes committed by Muslims; crimes that are not mentioned in the Koran so judges are free to punish the offender in any appropriate way) "in some Islamic nations Tazir crimes are set by legislation"

  • {00776293} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) statutory offense#1 (statutory_offense%1:04:00::), statutory offence#1 (statutory_offence%1:04:00::), regulatory offense#1 (regulatory_offense%1:04:00::), regulatory offence#1 (regulatory_offence%1:04:00::) (crimes created by statutes and not by common law)

  • {00776503} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) thuggery#1 (thuggery%1:04:00::) (violent or brutal acts as of thugs)

  • {00783726} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) treason#1 (treason%1:04:00::), high treason#1 (high_treason%1:04:00::), lese majesty#1 (lese_majesty%1:04:00::) (a crime that undermines the offender's government)

  • {00783895} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) vice crime#1 (vice_crime%1:04:00::) (a vice that is illegal)

  • {00783992} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) victimless crime#1 (victimless_crime%1:04:00::) (an act that is legally a crime but that seem to have no victims) "he considers prostitution to be a victimless crime"

  • {00784172} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) war crime#1 (war_crime%1:04:00::) (a crime committed in wartime; violation of rules of war)

  • (2){10221154} <noun.person>[18] S: (n) imposter#1 (imposter%1:18:00::), impostor#1 (impostor%1:18:00::), pretender#2 (pretender%1:18:00::), fake#2 (fake%1:18:00::), faker#1 (faker%1:18:00::), fraud#2 (fraud%1:18:00::), sham#2 (sham%1:18:00::), shammer#2 (shammer%1:18:00::), pseudo#1 (pseudo%1:18:00::), pseud#1 (pseud%1:18:00::), role player#1 (role_player%1:18:01::) (a person who makes deceitful pretenses)

  • (2){00755028} <noun.act>[04] S: (n) fraud#3 (fraud%1:04:01::), fraudulence#3 (fraudulence%1:04:00::), dupery#1 (dupery%1:04:00::), hoax#1 (hoax%1:04:00::), humbug#3 (humbug%1:04:00::), put-on#2 (put-on%1:04:00::) (something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage)

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