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Make those PDFs small . . .

Adobe Acrobat includes an impressive file compression tool which works much better than using a Zip file or writing PDFs to a lower resolution, if you need to reduce their file size for the purposes of sending them out in an email, or some other reason. [For each step refer to the figure below with the same number.]

1. Press CTRL + D, In Adobe Acrobat XI, when you want to examine the file size of your PDF.

2. Go to File . . . Save as Other . . . Reduced Size PDF.

3. In this example, you can see that the PDF has been reduced in size by more than 90 per cent.

4. The image quality doesn't suffer noticeably.

5. If you want to analyze the options for compressing the file more closely, go to File . . . Save as Other . . . Optimize PDF.

6, You will see an array of options for adjusting the contents of the PDF, including the image itself, fonts, tags, comments, bookmarks, and image fragments.

7. The 'Audit Space Usage' option will show what is comprsing most of the PDF's byte size.

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