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When video capture plug-ins don't work

The Firefox add-on, Video Downloader Professional works fine when you need to download videos from YouTube or other public sites. However recently I wanted to find a way to capture some video loaded into a Relativity database for an attorney that could not easily access it. Relativity is only designed to work in IE - it will not run in FireFox. The well known plug-in for IE, VideoGet, comes up with an error message if you try to load a Relativity page with a produced video on it. Videos loaded in Relativity also don't appear in the Windows 7 cache file located at: C:\Users\SeanKOShea\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files [choose 'Show Hidden Files, folders and drives, and uncheck 'Hide protected operating system system files' in Windows Explorer . . . Tools . . Folder Options . . . View., this is a handy location to check for data]

To get the video, I finally downloaded the free screen capture application, Active Presenter from Atomi. See: . To get the best results try undocking the viewer in Relativity (see the small icon with one window overlain on top of another in the upper right corner), and then in Active Presenter select 'Lock to applciation' and choosing the windows. Needless to say this freeware is very handy when you when to demonstrate how to perform tasks on your PC to others . . .

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