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Your name should be BLANK when producing from Outlook

For many years paralegals and litigation support analysts have had a glaring problem when producing emails - the Profile name for MS Outlook will appear in the header, or really the title, when an email is printed out or written to a PDF. (See figure A below) I used to get around this problem by reducing the size of the title font to 1, which makes your name almost invisible. However I have worked with at least one associate who objected to the profile name being present even at a near microscopic level . It is true that the profile name will be legible if one zooms in on an email which has been written to a PDF file. The good news is that there is a way to make your profile name entirely invisible. A font named Adobe Blank was developed which omits any alphanumeric characters.

1. Go to this Git Hub page: and download the Adobe Blank font, AdobeBlank.ttf - the True Type format.

2. Copy the file to this location on your PC: C:\Windows\Fonts. See Figure B below.

3. Restart MS Outlook.

4. In an MS Outlook 2010 email, go to File . . .Print . . . Print Options . . . Page Setup and select the font option for the title. See Figure C.

5. Go to the top of the font list and look for 'Adobe Blank'. Because this font has no letters or numbers you may not see the name in the Font queue, but when the space for it is selected it should appear in the 'selected Font box'. See Figure D.

6. Now when the email is printed the profile name will be entirely invisible, as shown in Figure E. The title selection should be saved for future emails that need to be printed out.

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