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PowerPoint Remote Control for your Smart Phone

No tip from last night because my night never came to an end at the office last night. Finally went home at 1 PM the next day. But I did come across this cool, free app that I never got a chance to post about. Didonai's MyPoint PowerPoint remote control app can be installed on an Apple iphone for no charge. See:

It works so much better than an ordinary PowerPoint remote control. After installing the MyPoint Connector software on my PC, the app quickly not only detected my computer, but also found PowerPoint presentations I had saved on it. I simply clicked on the name of the my presentation and it was instantly brought up in presentation mode on my laptop. I just pressed on forward and backward arrows on my iPhone to move around in the presentation.

Best of all, you can skip between slides by pressing on an icon with a curving arrow at the bottom of the app screen. This enhances the effectiveness of a PowerPoint presentation greatly. Rather than being forced to proceed slide by slide (or fumble on the laptop for the needed slide), the presenter can casually glance down and scroll to the slide she or he wants to show. In this mode click on the black or white coffee cup icons to blank your presentation screen and put the focus back on what you're saying.

Note that it is necessary to have your PC and smart phone on the wifi network for this app to work.

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