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More on CoolUtils' PDF Splitter

When I previously posted an entry about CoolUtils' PDF Splitter I was focused on how to operate it to extract page ranges with scripts. See:!Batch-Extracting-Pages-from-PDFs/c193z/556698560cf21fee13bd6d0d This night's tip will be about how you can use its standard graphic user interface (GUI) to solve the problem of removing cover sheets from a set of PDFs. This is a problem I had recently when I wound up with a large sets of case decisions downloaded with the Lexis Get & Print tool that each had a cover sheet. Tonight I was able to remove these by following these steps in PDF Splitter:

1. Go to the folder where you have the PDFs you need to process, and press CTRL + A to select all of the PDFs.

2. Go to the Process menu and select 'Split to PDF'.

3. Click on 'Extract Page' in the menu on the left side, and then choose the radial button for ''Extract only selected pages". To get rid of the first page you want to enter the range of every other page. To account for PDFs of varying page lengths, enter a very high number like a 1000. I.e., '2-1000'. If you want to get rid of the second and fourth pages of each PDF for some reason, you would enter '1,3,5-1000'.

4. Next click on 'Combine' in the left hand menu and check 'Combine pages' and then check 'Every interval into separate file'.

5. Keep pressing 'Next in the wizard until you reach the 'Finish' stage. Note that at this stage you have the option to create a bat file with settings you have selected.

6. Press 'Start' and the conversion process will begin.

7. You will now have a new set of PDFs in the source folder (renamed with 'page' added to the end of the file name) in which the first page has been removed.

8. Note that the bat file which you created can be used as a guide to create a script to extract different ranges of pages from different PDFs.

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