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Batch Delete Pages from a PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Recently I was dealing with a set of decisions I downloaded from Lexis with its 'Get & Print' tool that had a cover sheet in front of each opinion that I wanted to remove. After splitting up the documents in Nuance's PDF Professional based on the unique term "Citation #" on each cover sheet, with its 'Split' tool, I was able to quickly delete the cover sheets by creating an action in Adobe Acrobat XI.

1. On the right side of the screen, click on 'Tools'.

2. Click on the 'Action Wizard' menu.

3. Click 'Create a New Action'

4. Go to the Pages menu and double-click 'Delete Pages'

5. Uncheck 'Prompt User'

6. Click 'Specify Settings' and enter the page range you want to delete.

7. Save the action with a name of your choosing.

8. In the Action Wizard click on the new action.

9. Click on 'Add Files' to select the PDFs you need to process.

10. Press Start and Adobe Acrobat will go through all of the PDFs you want the coversheet removed from. You just need to hold down the save key when prompted.

Obviously you can use Adobe Acrobat to batch process PDFs in many different ways.

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