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Capitalize Excel

Recently I was working on preparing an index of exhibits in an Excel spreadsheet of documents listed in an Affirmation filed in support of a summary judgment motion. I used the Text to Columns Wizard to separate out language such as:

Attached hereto as Exhibit 23 is a true and correct copy of excerpts of the transcript of the deposition testimony of John Smith, dated July 4, 2014.

. . so that the Exhibit number was in one column, and the actual description beginning, "transcript of the . . ." was in another column. However after doing this I was left with the problem that the first letter of the description was not capitalized. I found a solution to this problem at: Use this formula:


'A1' being the cell containing the description

1 being the position of the character in A1 you want to capitalize

1 being the number of characters to captialize

UPPER (LEFT(A,1) focuses the formula on the first character in A1 and gives the number of characters you want the formula to operate on.

So if you use:


You would get the first two letters in cell A1 capitalized.

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