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Batch Extracting Pages from PDFs

Today I installed a new program named PDF Splitter. I used it to extract various ranges of pages from multiple PDFs. PDF Splitter allows the user to operate the software with a script that specifies the pages to be extracted. See the below example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF Splitter\PDFSplitter.exe" "C:\MyDocuments\ABC000057231.pdf" " "C:\MyDocuments\extractedpages" -p "2-4" -cp 3 "C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF Splitter\PDFSplitter.exe" "C:\MyDocuments\ABC000083424.pdf" "C:\MyDocuments\extractedpages" -p "32-34" -cp 3 "C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF Splitter\PDFSplitter.exe" "C:\MyDocuments\ABC000083424.pdf" "C:\MyDocuments\extractedpages" -p "17-19" -cp 3

In an Excel spreadsheet enter in the first column the path to activate the application ["C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF Splitter\PDFSplitter.exe"]; in the second column the path to the source file ["C:\MyDocuments\ABC000057231.pdf"]; in the third column the folder in which the extracted pages should be saved ["C:\MyDocuments\extractedpages"]. Then at the end specify the page range to be extracted [-p "2-4"] and indicate that these pages should be saved together [ - cp 3].

Copy the Excel spreadsheet into a text file. Find and replace the tabs with a single space. Check the script and confirm that everything is as it should be. Save the text file with a 'bat' extension. Double-click the resulting file and PDF Splitter will start its work. The only drawback is that if you are extracing more than one range from the same source file, PDF Splitter will prompt you to auto rename the new file each time. I hope to coordinate with designers of the program tomorrow and resolve this problem.

PDF Splitter is available for $60 at this site:

There is a trial version available which will function for 30 days. Note that it leaves a heading reading, "Split by PDF Splitter" on each page of the extracted PDF files.

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