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PowerShell script to count words, lines, and characters in multiple PDFs

Laxman Singh has posted a PowerShell script here which will count the number of lines, words, and characters in multiple PDF files.

1. Open PowerShell ISE and use the cd change directory command to select the folder containing the PDFs you want to review.

2. Enter the below script, and then simply press return.

dir -Include *.* -Recurse | % { $_ | select name, @{n="characters";e={ get-content $_ | measure-object -character | select -expa characters } } , @{n="words";e={ get-content $_ | measure-object -word | select -expa words } } , @{n="lines";e={ get-content $_ | measure-object -line | select -expa lines } } } | ft -AutoSize

3. A table will be generated listing the total character, word and line count for each PDF file.

This script is a great way to detect near duplicate PDF files.

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