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Text Field Sizes in Relativity

Fields in Relativity can be any one of several types including date, whole number, decimal, currency, single choice, multiple choice, single object, multiple object, and date fields. Very often an admin will set up fields to hold text. Either long text fields to hold the full text of a document, or a field with numerous entries such as an email recipient field, or fixed length text fields to hold other email metadata fields, file names, and document ID numbers.

When using fixed length fields, keep in mind that they have certain limitations. No fixed length text field can hold more than 4,999 characters. If Unicode text is used in the field, the limit is 4,000 characters. Unicode text may be selected for the field so characters in non-Latin alphabets can be used. Unicode can be used for Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cryllic, Thai, and many other languages. [Only fixed-length text, long text, single choice, and multiple choice fields support Unicode.]

The default length for a fixed length text field is 255 characters, and Relativity recommends that this field be no more than 400 characters.

In addition you need to be sure that all of the fixed length text fields for any single object don't exceed more than 8,060 bytes (or 8KB) in total data size. Check the field usage for an object in order to confirm that this limit is not exceeded.


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