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Search for words that show opposing parties at their worst

Victor Zhou has posted multiple lists of the curse words, or common profane terms in the English language. Searching through new document productions for swear words, words typically used only to insult, words with sexual overtones, ethnic slurs, and so on can help uncover emails and other documents in which individuals express their strongest feelings about important issues. Such documents can also make for embarrassing evidence to use at depositions and at trial.

I compiled these lists and structured them as Boolean searches which can be run in Relativity. I separated them into two sets. The first is one likely to contain false positives - some of these words are commonly used in a context which is not offensive, or are simply too mild.

The second set has words that more likely only to be used in a provocative context. Some of these may turn up frequently in an innocuous context in productions which focus in a particular area.

The last list contains words which I was surprised to find omitted from the source lists. I added in widely referenced villains from fiction, and some notorious historical figures.


Potential false positives:

(anal OR ass OR Christ OR crap OR facial OR fat OR Fu OR fu OR god OR Kill OR l3i+ch OR Jesus OR len OR nad OR naked OR oral OR orally OR organ OR penetrate OR penetration OR pot OR retard OR revue OR rum OR rump OR sandbar OR screw OR screwed OR screwing OR seaman OR seamen OR shi+ OR snuff OR sob OR Sx OR thrust OR ugly OR vodka OR Xx OR xxx)

Curse words not likely to be false positives

("2 girls 1 cup" OR ahole OR amcik OR andskota OR anus OR areole OR arian OR arrse OR arschloch OR arse OR arsehole OR aryan OR asanchez OR ash0le OR ash0les OR asholes OR assbang OR assbanged OR asses OR Assface OR assfuck OR assfucker OR assfukka OR assh0le OR assh0lez OR asshole OR assholes OR assholz OR AssMonkey OR assmunch OR assrammer OR asswhole OR asswipe OR autoerotic OR ayir OR azzhole OR b00bs OR b17ch OR b1tch OR ballsack OR bassterds OR bastard OR bastards OR bastardz OR basterds OR basterdz OR bch OR bdsm OR beastial OR beastiality OR bellend OR bestial OR bestiality OR bi7ch OR Biatch OR bich OR bimbo OR bimbos OR bitch OR bitches OR bitchin OR bitching OR "blow job" OR blowjob OR blowjobs OR "blue waffle" OR boffing OR boiolas OR bollock OR bondage OR boner OR boob OR boobs OR booobs OR boooobs OR booooobs OR booooooobs OR "booty call" OR breasts OR "brown shower" OR "brown showers" OR btch OR buceta OR bukake OR bukkake OR bullshit OR busty OR butthole OR buttpirate OR buttwipe OR c0ck OR c0cks OR c0k OR cabron OR "carpet muncher" OR CarpetMuncher OR cawk OR cawks OR cazzo OR chink OR chraa OR chuj OR cipa OR clit OR clitoris OR clits OR cnts OR cntz OR cnut OR cock OR cockface OR cockhead OR cockmunch OR cockmuncher OR cocks OR cocksuck OR cocksucked OR cocksucker OR cocksucking OR cocksucks OR cokmuncher OR coon OR cowgirl OR cowgirls OR crotch OR cum OR cuming OR cummer OR cumming OR cums OR cumshot OR cunilingus OR cunillingus OR cunnilingus OR cunt OR cuntlicker OR cuntlicking OR cunts OR cuntz OR d4mn OR damn OR daygo OR deepthroat OR dego OR dick OR dickhead OR dike OR dild0 OR dild0s OR dildo OR dildos OR dilld0 OR dilld0s OR dink OR dinks OR dirsa OR dlck OR "dog style" OR "dog-fucker" OR doggiestyle OR doggin OR dogging OR doggystyle OR dominatricks OR dominatrics OR dominatrix OR dong OR donkeyribber OR doofus OR doosh OR dopey OR douche OR douchebag OR douchebags OR douchey OR drunk OR duche OR dumass OR dumbass OR dumbasses OR dummy OR dupa OR dyke OR dykes OR dziwka OR eatadick OR eathairpie OR ejackulate OR ejaculate OR ejaculated OR ejaculates OR ejaculating OR ejaculatings OR ejaculation OR ejakulate OR Ekrem OR Ekto OR enculer OR enema OR enlargement OR erect OR erection OR erotic OR erotism OR essohbee OR extacy OR extasy OR fack OR faen OR fag OR fag1t OR faget OR fagg OR fagg1t OR fagged OR fagging OR faggit OR faggitt OR faggot OR faggs OR fagit OR fagot OR fagots OR fags OR fagz OR faig OR faigs OR faigt OR fanculo OR fanny OR fannybandit OR fannyflaps OR fannyfucker OR fanyy OR fart OR fartknocker OR fatass OR fcuk OR fcuker OR fcuking OR feces OR feck OR fecker OR feg OR felch OR felcher OR felching OR fellate OR fellatio OR feltch OR feltcher OR femdom OR ficken OR fingerfuck OR fingerfucked OR fingerfucker OR fingerfuckers OR fingerfucking OR fingerfucks OR fingering OR fisted OR fistfuck OR fistfucked OR fistfucker OR fistfuckers OR fistfucking OR fistfuckings OR fistfucks OR fisting OR fisty OR fitt OR flange OR Flikker OR flipping OR flogthelog OR floozy OR foad OR fondle OR foobar OR fook OR fooker OR footjob OR foreskin OR Fotze OR freex OR frigg OR frigga OR fubar OR fuchah OR fuck OR fucka OR fuckass OR fuckbitch OR fucked OR fucker OR fuckers OR fuckface OR fuckhead OR fuckheads OR fuckhole OR fuckin OR fucking OR fuckings OR fuckingshitmotherfucker OR fuckme OR fuckmeat OR fucknugget OR fucknut OR fuckoff OR fuckpuppet OR fucks OR fucktard OR fucktoy OR fucktrophy OR fuckup OR fuckwad OR fuckwhit OR fuckwit OR fuckyomama OR fudgepacker OR fuk OR Fukah OR Fuken OR fuker OR Fukin OR Fukk OR fukka OR Fukkah OR Fukken OR fukker OR fukkin OR fukking OR fuks OR fukwhit OR fukwit OR futanari OR futanary OR futkretzn OR fux OR fux0r OR fuxor OR fxck OR g00k OR gae OR gai OR gangbang OR gangbanged OR gangbangs OR ganja OR gassyass OR gay OR gaybor OR gayboy OR gaygirl OR gaylord OR gays OR gaysex OR gayz OR gey OR gfy OR ghay OR ghey OR gigolo OR glans OR goatse OR godamn OR godamnit OR goddam OR goddammit OR goddamn OR goddamned OR gokkun OR goldenshower OR gonad OR gonads OR gook OR gooks OR gringo OR gspot OR gtfo OR guido OR guiena OR h00r OR h0ar OR h0r OR h0re OR h4x0r OR hamflap OR handjob OR hardcoresex OR hardon OR hebe OR heeb OR hell OR hells OR helvete OR hemp OR hentai OR heroin OR herp OR herpes OR herpy OR heshe OR hitler OR hiv OR hoar OR hoare OR hobag OR hoer OR homey OR homo OR homoerotic OR homoey OR honkey OR honky OR hooch OR hookah OR hooker OR hoor OR hoore OR hootch OR hooter OR hooters OR hore OR horniest OR horny OR hotsex OR howtokill OR howtomurdep OR Huevon OR hui OR hump OR humped OR humping OR hussy OR hymen OR inbred OR incest OR injun OR jackass OR jackhole OR jackoff OR jap OR japs OR jerk OR jerked OR jerkoff OR jisim OR jism OR jiss OR jiz OR jizm OR jizz OR jizzed OR junkie OR junky OR kanker OR kawk OR kike OR kikes OR kinbaku OR kinky OR kinkyJesus OR kkk OR klan OR klootzak OR knob OR knobead OR knobed OR knobend OR knobhead OR knobjocky OR knobjokey OR knobs OR knobz OR knulle OR kock OR kondum OR kondums OR kooch OR kooches OR kootch OR kraut OR kuk OR kuksuger OR kum OR kummer OR kumming OR kums OR kunilingus OR kunt OR kunts OR kuntz OR Kurac OR kurwa OR kusi OR kwif OR kyke OR kyrpa OR l3itch OR labia OR lech OR leper OR Lesbian OR lesbians OR lesbo OR lesbos OR lez OR lezbian OR lezbians OR lezbo OR lezbos OR Lezzian OR lezzie OR lezzies OR lezzy OR Lipshits OR Lipshitz OR lmao OR lmfao OR loin OR loins OR lube OR lust OR lusting OR lusty OR mafugly OR mamhoon OR mams OR masochist OR masokist OR massa OR massterbait OR masstrbait OR masstrbate OR masterb8 OR masterbaiter OR masterbat OR masterbat3 OR masterbate OR masterbates OR masterbating OR masterbation OR masterbations OR masturbat OR masturbate OR masturbating OR masturbation OR maxi OR menses OR menstruate OR menstruation OR merd OR meth OR "m-fucking" OR mibun OR milf OR mofo OR molest OR monkleigh OR moolie OR moron OR motha OR mothafuck OR mothafucka OR mothafuckas OR mothafuckaz OR mothafucked OR mothafucker OR mothafuckers OR mothafuckin OR mothafucking OR mothafuckings OR mothafucks OR MothaFuker OR MothaFukkah OR MothaFukker OR motherfuck OR motherfucka OR motherfucked OR motherfucker OR motherfuckers OR motherfuckin OR motherfucking OR motherfuckings OR motherfuckka OR motherfucks OR MotherFukah OR MotherFuker OR MotherFukkah OR MotherFukker OR mouliewop OR mtherfucker OR mthrfucker OR mthrfucking OR muff OR muffdiver OR muffpuff OR muie OR mulkku OR murder OR muschi OR mutha OR muthafecker OR muthafuckaz OR muthafucker OR muthafuckker OR MuthaFukah OR MuthaFuker OR MuthaFukkah OR MuthaFukker OR muther OR mutherfucker OR mutherfucking OR muthrfucking OR n1gr OR nads OR nnapalm OR nappy OR nastt OR nasty OR nazi OR nazis OR nazism OR needthedick OR negro OR nepesaurio OR nig OR nigg OR nigga OR niggah OR niggas OR niggaz OR nigger OR niggers OR niggle OR niglet OR nigur OR niiger OR niigr OR nimrod OR ninny OR nipple OR nipples OR nob OR nobhead OR nobjocky OR nobjokey OR nooky OR nude OR nudes OR numbnuts OR nutbutter OR nutsack OR nympho OR omg OR opiate OR opium OR orafis OR orgasim OR orgasims OR orgasm OR orgasmic OR orgasms OR orgasum OR orgies OR orgy OR oriface OR orifice OR orifiss OR orospu OR ovary OR ovum OR ovums OR p0rn OR packi OR packie OR packy OR paddy OR paki OR pakie OR paky OR pantie OR panties OR panty OR paska OR pastie OR pasty OR pawn OR pcp OR pecker OR pedo OR pedophile OR pedophilia OR pedophiliac OR pee OR peeenus OR peeenusss OR peenus OR peepee OR peinus OR pen1s OR penas OR penial OR penile OR penis OR penisbreath OR penisfucker OR penus OR penuus OR perse OR perversion OR peyote OR phalli OR phallic OR phonesex OR Phuc OR phuck OR phuk OR phuked OR Phuker OR phuking OR phukked OR Phukker OR phukking OR phuks OR phuq OR picka OR pierdol OR pigfucker OR pillowbiter OR pillu OR pimmel OR pimp OR pimpis OR pinko OR piss OR pissed OR pisser OR pissers OR pisses OR pissflaps OR pissin OR pissing OR pissoff OR pizda OR playboy OR pms OR polac OR polack OR polak OR pollock OR poon OR Poonani OR poontang OR poontsee OR poop OR porn OR porno OR pornography OR pornos OR potty OR pr0n OR pr1c OR pr1ck OR pr1k OR preteen OR prick OR pricks OR prig OR pron OR prostitute OR prude OR pube OR pubic OR pubis OR pula OR pule OR punkass OR punky OR puss OR pusse OR pussee OR pussi OR pussies OR pussy OR pussyfart OR pussypalace OR pussypounder OR pussys OR puta OR puto OR puuke OR puuker OR qahbeh OR queaf OR queef OR queer OR queero OR queers OR queerz OR quicky OR quim OR qweers OR qweerz OR qweir OR racy OR rape OR raped OR raper OR raping OR rapist OR raunch OR recktum OR rectal OR rectum OR rectus OR reefer OR reetard OR reich OR retarded OR rimjaw OR rimjob OR rimming OR ritard OR rtard OR rumprammer OR ruski OR "s.o.b." OR sadism OR sadist sausagequeen OR scag OR scank OR scantily OR scheiss OR schizo OR schlampe OR schlong OR schmuck OR scroat OR scrog OR scrot OR scrote OR scrotum OR scrud OR scum OR seduce OR semen OR sex OR sexual OR sexx OR sexxx OR sexy OR sh1t OR sh1ter OR sh1ts OR sh1tter OR sh1tz OR shag OR shagger OR shaggin OR shagging OR shamedame OR sharmuta OR sharmute OR shemale OR shibari OR shibary OR shipal OR shit OR shitdick OR shite OR shiteater OR shited OR shitey OR shitface OR shitfuck OR shitfucker OR shitfull OR shithead OR shithole OR shithouse OR shiting OR shitings OR shits OR shitt OR shitted OR shitter OR shitters OR shitting OR shittings OR shitty OR Shity OR shitz OR shiz OR shota OR Sht OR Shyt OR Shyte OR Shytty OR sissy OR skag OR skanck OR skank OR skankee OR skankey OR skanks OR Skanky OR skrib OR slave OR sleaze OR sleazy OR slope OR slut OR slutbucket OR slutdumper OR slutkiss OR sluts OR Slutty OR slutz OR smegma OR smut OR smutty OR snatch OR sniper OR ssodom OR sonofabitch OR "son-of-a-bitch" OR souse OR soused OR spac OR sperm OR spic OR spick OR spik OR spiks OR spooge OR spunk OR steamy OR stfu OR stiffy OR stoned OR strip OR "strip club" OR stripclub OR stroke OR stupid OR suck OR sucked OR sucking OR sumofabiatch OR tampon OR tard OR tawdry OR teabagging OR teat OR teets OR teez OR terd OR teste OR testee OR testes OR testical OR testicle OR testis OR threesome OR throating OR thug OR tinkle OR tit OR titfuck OR titi OR tits OR titt OR tittiefucker OR titties OR titty OR tittyfuck OR tittyfucker OR tittywank OR titwank OR toke OR toots OR tosser OR tramp OR transsexual OR trashy OR tubgirl OR turd OR tush OR twat OR twathead OR twats OR twatty OR twunt OR twunter OR undies OR unwed OR urinal OR urine OR uterus OR uzi OR va1jina OR vag OR vag1na OR vagiina OR vagina OR vaj1na OR vajina OR valium OR viagra OR vigra OR virgin OR vixen OR vomit OR voyeur OR vulgar OR vullva OR vulva OR w00se OR w0p OR wad OR wang OR wank OR wanker OR wanky OR wazoo OR wedgie OR weed OR weenie OR weewee OR weiner OR weirdo OR wench OR wetback OR wh00r OR wh0re OR whitey OR whiz OR whoar OR whoralicious OR whore OR whorealicious OR whored OR whoreface OR whorehopper OR whorehouse OR whores OR whoring OR wigger OR willies OR willy OR womb OR woody OR woose OR wop OR wtf OR xrated OR "x-rated2g1c" OR yaoi OR yury)

Words omitted from source lists:

("al Qaeda" OR Ahab OR assbag OR Asshat OR Attila OR “bad guys” OR "Bin Laden" OR blockhead OR bozo OR Caligula OR clown OR clueless OR Communist OR "Cruella De Vil" OR Demon OR Devil OR dickless OR ditz OR ditzy OR Dracula OR evil OR Fascist OR fool OR Frankenstein OR "Genghis Kahn" OR Himmler OR "Jekyll and Hyde" OR "Karl Marx" OR Lucifer OR lunatic OR Maoist OR Marxist OR Mephistopheles OR Mordor OR Mussolini OR nerd OR Nero OR Osama OR "Patrick Bateman" OR psycho OR Saddam OR Satan OR Satanic OR Sauron OR shylock OR "Simon Legree" OR spineless OR Stalin OR Stalinist OR terrorist OR Thanos OR Vader OR Voldemort OR wicked OR witch OR wuss)


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