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Resource Scaling in RelativityOne

One of the advantages of RelativityOne is that it performs automated resource scaling - a server is directed to prioritize the completion of certain functions. So if a mass operation is run involving a lot of data, server resources can be increased, and re-directed from other jobs so the mass operation completes sooner. Automated scaling will be performed for:

  1. Branding

  2. Indexing

  3. OCRing

  4. PDF mass exports

  5. Processing

  6. Productions

Relativity provides some very specific information here, on how fast scaling will be implemented for different functions. When a Processing job takes longer than 10 minutes, and there are other jobs in progress, scaling should be initiated within 45 minutes.

If it takes more than 2 hours to run a branding, production, OCR, or mass PDF job, scaling will be performed.


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