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PowerShell faster than XCOPY

When writing a script to copy files from one destination to another, be sure to use PowersShell instead of creating a batch file with the XCOPY command. In PowerShell, the Copy-Item command followed by the source path and then the destination folder:

Copy-Item -Path "C:\foofolder\2022.07.Litigation Support Tip of the Night V2.docx" -Destination "C:\copy set\" -PassThru

Copy-Item -Path "C:\foofolder\acme.js" -Destination "C:\copy set\" -PassThru

Copy-Item -Path "C:\foofolder\AndroGel Meeting.docx" -Destination "C:\copy set\" -PassThru

Copy-Item -Path "C:\foofolder\Applications" -Destination "C:\copy set\" -PassThru

. . . will copy files to a new location faster than a .bat file.

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