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Post-Publication Deletion to Update Processing Results

The post-publication delete function in Relativity allows updates to processing results to be made accordingly after a document has been removed from the active workspace. Post-publication deletions will take place automatically after a delete mass operation has been performed, if and only if the option to delete all associated files is chosen.

You have the option to avoid deleting any documents with tags, redactions, or highlighting.

If some of the deleted documents are primary versions of duplicates not published to the workspace, deduplication will be re-run so a new primary document is published. Duplicates with the same custodian will not be automatically removed.

When a parent document is deleted, the child documents will be marked in the ‘Processing Deletion?’ field with a ‘Yes’, but also with a ‘Yes’ in the ‘Is Published?’ field where the parent document is marked ‘No’.


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