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paper weights

The need to print out documents for attorneys, especially when they are working on a trial, will likely never go away entirely. When planning to print out documents to be reviewed in court or used in client presentations it's important to be conversant in the different types of paper that can be used.

Bond paper is the kind used most frequently in office copies and printers. It is available in different weights - paper is commonly sold at 16, 20, 24, and 46 pounds. The weight of the paper is calculated based on how much 500 sheets will weigh when a given quality of paper is measured uncut at dimensions of 17 inches by 22 inches.

16 pound paper will appear translucent compared to standard office paper and may cause printers to jam.

20 pound paper is the type of bond paper most commonly used in office printers and copiers.

24 pound paper is an upgrade available for bond paper and may be used in order to prevent bleed through on double-sided print-outs. Letterhead is commonly printed on 24 pound bond paper.

46 pound paper is the type of bond paper commonly used for brochures or menus.

Heavier paper between 50 to 100 pounds is referred to as text paper and is used in commercial printing for greeting cards. Index paper is the type of paper index cards are made from, and can exceed 100 pounds. Business cards may be printed on 80 pound paper. Tab dividers and manila folders are commonly at 110 pound index paper.

When selecting the best paper to use with a printer look for multipurpose paper or premium color paper. Multipurpose paper is smoother than standard bond copy paper and it has a more uniform surface. Premium color paper, or laser paper, is an upgrade over multipurpose paper and includes a thin coating - while not having the heavy coating used for photo paper. Using multipurpose or premium laser paper may make a high-end copier or printer less likely to jam.


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