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Notes on Abbreviations

Just a few quick notes on abbreviations which are often used incorrectly.

- The abbreviation 'App.' may be used in a filing title for 'Appeal' or 'Appellate', but table BT1 of the Bluebook, which gives abbreviations for words used in the titles of court documents, specifies that 'App.' be used for 'Appendix' and 'Appeal' be spelled in full.

- However don't make the mistake of using the abbreviation 'Joint App.' for the 'Joint Appendix'. Table BT1 states that this should be abbreviated 'J.A.'.

- 'Aff.' is used for 'Affidavit', not 'Affirmation'.

- Table T6 of the Bluebook lists abbreviations to be used in case names. It specifies that 'Exp.' be used for 'Export[er, ation]', not 'Expense' or 'Express'.

- 'Assoc.' is used for 'Associate', not 'Association', which is 'Ass'n'.

- In table T6 'Tr.' is used for 'Trustee' not 'Transcript' as it is in table BT1.

- Table T6 uses 'Mar.' for 'Maritime', not 'Market', which should be abbreviated 'Mkt.'.


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