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Last Chance Fedex Ship Center in New York City

This blog is called Litigation Support Tip of the Night for a reason. I have spent many nights working long after the sun has set in order to meet deadlines. Paralegals everywhere will be familiar with the stress of trying to get hard copies out by the 'Fedex deadline' - when a Fedex pickup occurs for a law office, or when the local Fedex office closes. In New York City (the city that never sleeps) there are likely more anxious paralegals struggling to get filings finalized in time to be sent to Fedex for overnight delivery than anywhere else.

Not all Fedex ship centers in Manhattan close at the same time. If the Fedex location nearest to your office closes at 8 PM consider these alternatives which are available as of tonight, July 12, 2021.

In Midtown there is a Fedex Ship Center at 560 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036 which stays open until 9 PM from Monday to Friday. This is located at 42nd Street and 11th avenue, close to the Lincoln Tunnel underneath the Hudson to New Jersey.

Further downtown there is a Fedex location at 130 Leroy Street in the West Village. If you've missed the deadline at the 42nd Street center, you still have another 30 minutes to get downtown to this fallback option. This is just a few blocks uptown from the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey.

I have at least once been able to hand a shipment to a Fedex employee after the office was closed but the trucks had not left the loading area.

Fedex apparently sends all of its packages out of Newark Liberty International Airport, which is where you'll find the Fedex Ship Center of last resort for the 20 million tense, angry, driven souls in the New York City metropolitan area looking to send something to the rest of the country and around the world. The Fedex Ship Center located at 155 Earhart Dr, Newark, NJ 07114 stays open until 10 PM each night during the week. At night, it's about a 28 minute drive from the Empire State Building to this Fedex location, so when you've run out of options in Manhattan, you can still perform a Fedex drop at Newark. I confirmed this tonight in a dash from midtown in an Uber Black SUV between 9:20 PM and about 9:45 PM. The Fedex jet taxis right up to the same building:

Park in the small parking lot that the blue arrow is pointing to. This is a large Fedex office which is fully open to the public.

Tonight I walked right in and my packages were quickly accepted without complaint and I received a shipment receipt.

Naturally, Fedex can change its operating hours and policies at any time, so doublecheck this information by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX before you make a run out to Newark. The latest Fedex location open in New York has changed more than once in the years Litigation Support Tip of the Night has been burning the midnight oil.

Good luck!


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