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Don't Let Your SSID Be Your ID

The name of your wifi network is your SSID - the Service Set Identifier. The service set refers to all of the devices (computers, printers, etc.) that utilize your home network. Be sure that your SSID name doesn't refer to the manufacturer of the router; the name of your internet service provider; or your family name or home address. This information can help a hacker gain access to your network. Pick a name that a stranger will not associate with you or your devices. If your current SSID is something like 'NETGEAR-99TF' or 'xfinitywifi02' be sure to change it.

While it is possible to hide the SSID for a wifi network, it may be counterproductive to do so. A good wifi scanner will still be able to detect the network. Performance on the network may suffer because multiple attempts will be needed to connect.

Naturally, you should always make sure that your wifi network uses encryption and is password protected.


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