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Calculate How Fast RelativityOne Can Transfer Data

RelativityOne uses IBM's Aspera file transfer software to move data more quickly than is possible with common FTP software. The rates can be as high as 10 times as fast. Relativity Desktop Client includes an Aspera mode, and RelativityOne Staging Explorer can import data for a workspace configured for Aspera to a staging area and export data from RelativityOne workspaces.

You can find out how quickly your workstation can upload data with Aspera by using the IBM Aspera File Transfer Calculator. As you can see, considerable can be saved over transfer speeds with standard TCP (Transmission Control Protocol - still the most widely used protocol for internet communications).

. . . although admittedly these totals are only for my personal laptop.

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Toby Grant
Toby Grant
May 30, 2022

Appreciate your blog postt

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