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Input Method Editor

Windows includes an Input Method Editor that you can enable in order to facilitate writing and reading in East Asian and other languages. Under Settings > Time & Language > Language in the Preferred Languages section click the option for 'Add a preferred language'. A long list of languages that includes Wolof, Mohawk, and multiple forms of English and Spanish will appear. You can choose to download OCR; speech recognition; typing; and fonts for the languages, and/or set one of these languages as the display language.

After the Input Method Editor is downloaded a new icon will appear in the system tray.

If you switch to a language which uses a different alphabet or characters, typing in the English form of these languages will prompt the correct substitutions.

The Input Method Editor works in web browsers, Word, Excel, and other applications. It does not function in Windows Explorer.

Note that if you click on the smiley face icon at the end of the suggested inputs, you'll get the option to input a range of emojis, gifs, and other symbols.

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