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Editing Marks

Be sure to know the editing marks that are used for proofreading a hard copy of a document. It's possible to enter some of these symbols with Unicode references and it's common to circle the marks which use letter abbreviations.

1. ₰ Delete (enter with the Unicode reference 20B0).

2. ⁐ Close up space (enter with the Unicode reference 2050).

3. Transpose / tr.

4. # Insert a space.

5. ital. Italicize.

6. rom. Remove italics.

7. bf Boldface.

8. lc Make lowercase.

9. cap. Make uppercase.

10. Insert text.

11. ¶ Start a new paragraph (enter with the Unicode reference 00B6). Simply write 'No ¶' to remove a paragraph break.

12 1 Insert em dash.


13. 1 Insert en dash.


14. sp Spell out.

15. stet. Let stand.

16. wf Wrong font.

17. Insert parentheses.

18. ⁂ Insert a break in the text for a new section (enter with the Unicode reference 2042).

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