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Searching for Symbols in Relativity Continued . . .

Here's a follow-up to the Tip of the Night for April 19, 2020.

After the alphabet file of a dtSearch index is updated, removing a symbol from the ignore subsection and adding it in the Letters section, you can search for many symbols without running a Regex search. All of these symbols can be directly searched for:

$ @ \ / & + , . ; - ' ` ! < > { } ^ _ { } |

These characters can be searched for with a simplified Regex search that does not reference the unicode value.

? * ( ) # =

For example: "##why\?"

The unicode value need only be referenced for these characters:

" % & : ~

Some symbols are not part of the ASCII code range. Two common examples are the UK pound and section symbols:

£ §

A special edit must be made to the alphabet file of a dtSearch index for these symbols. A new AdditionalLetters subsection must be created and the Unicode value should be listed for each symbol.

It will then be possible to search for these symbols directly.

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