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Automatically change animation on all slides

Tonight's tip concerns visual basic code I crafted on the basis of the macro posted here by Chris Newman which is designed to remove all animation on all slides of a PowerPoint presentation. The vba code posted below will change all of the animation set for all shapes on all slides to the simple 'Appear' effect. Simply enter Visual Basic by pressing ALT + F11, and then enter the code in a new module.

On the line beginning, "sld.TimeLine.MainSequence.Item(x).EffectType =", you can enter whatever animation effect you choose. When you begin to enter text at the end of this line, Visual Basic will display the available animation effects.

Sub ChangeAllAnimations() 'PURPOSE: Remove All PowerPoint Animations From Slides 'SOURCE: Dim sld As Slide Dim x As Long Dim Counter As Long 'Loop Through Each Slide in ActivePresentation For Each sld In ActivePresentation.Slides 'Loop through each animation on slide For x = sld.TimeLine.MainSequence.count To 1 Step -1 'Change Each Animation sld.TimeLine.MainSequence.Item(x).EffectType = msoAnimEffectAppear 'Maintain Change Stat Counter = Counter + 1 Next x Next sld 'Completion Notification MsgBox Counter & " Animation(s) were changed in your PowerPoint presentation!" End Sub

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