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VBA Code to Remove XE Codes

I tested it out this week and the below VBA code posted by Graham Mayor here, will successfully remove XE codes from a Word document.

Sub Macro1() Dim oFld As Field Dim strFldText Dim strAsk As String Dim bHidden As Boolean With ActiveWindow.View bHidden = .ShowHiddenText .ShowHiddenText = True End With For Each oFld In ActiveDocument.Range.Fields If oFld.Type = wdFieldIndexEntry Then oFld.Select strFldText = Replace(oFld.Code, "XE ", "") strAsk = MsgBox("Delete " & strFldText, vbYesNoCancel) If strAsk = vbYes Then oFld.Delete ElseIf strAsk = vbCancel Then GoTo Finish End If End If Next oFld Finish: With ActiveWindow.View .ShowHiddenText = bHidden End With End Sub

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