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Troubleshooting the Conversion of Text to Notes with Notestripper

The Tip of the Night for May 26, 2015, discussed how to use the Add-in for Word, Notestripper, to help facilitate the insertion of hyperlinks in footnotes of a MS Word document. After the text of footnotes is stripped out to text at the end of a document, you may receive an error message from NoteSripper indicating that the number of note references does not match the number of notes when you try to convert them back to notes.

If this happens try the following. First search for blank spaces formatted as superscript using the Find tool in Word. (Go to the Format menu, select Font, and check off the 'superscript' box.) Any footnote number with a blank space before it will throw off Notestripper.

The Add-in will not read the notes themselves if any text is crossed out or marked for deletion with track changes in Word. Be sure to re-format this text and the text on the following line, or Notestripper will not read each separate line of notes.

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