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VM Ware Connection options

If you're using VW Ware Client for a virtual desktop environment, keep in mind that there are three different connection options: RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) ; PCoIP (PC over IP); and VMware Blast. You can choose one when right clicking on a workstation link in Horizon Client, after entering your passcode information.

Blast will take up the least processing power. The RDP connection will allow you to copy and paste files and folders between the client and the remote desktop, whereas Blast and PCoIP will only allow text, and sometimes images to be copied. PCoIP will be better suited to streaming video and audio, and works better on mobile devices. Blast will not display images as sharply.

Blast should function better in low bandwidth, high latency situations. Some tests indicate that PCoIP will use up to three times as much CPU power as Blast. See here.

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