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Inclusive Reason Field

When you're working with an email set in Relativity for which an email threading analytics operation has been run, look for a field named, 'Inclusive Reason'.

There may be one of three possible entries in this field.

1. If 'Message' appears in this field, it means that only the email body needs to be reviewed.

2. If it says, 'Attachment', then only the attachment requires review.

3. 'Inferred match' means that analytics has determined that the header for the email matches that for the thread with it is associated, but its body does not match with the thread. This may be caused by the insertion of disclaimers when an email is replied to.

Email threading helps to find inclusive emails and 'duplicate spares' so that reviewers can limit their review to inclusive emails that contain all of the messages in a thread and ignore those which contain only part of it. The Inclusive Reason field helps to account for messages and threads which are the odd men out of inclusive threads. This may happen when a conversation branched off to involve different recipients, while the original thread continued.

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