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Creating an Excel Workbook and Naming Worksheets

Using the Openpyxl module you can use Python to create an Excel workbook and name its worksheets. Follow these steps:

First import the openpyxl module

>>> import openpyxl

Then import the Workbook class from openpyxl >>> from openpyxl import Workbook

Identify the workbook >>> wb = Workbook()

Name the worksheet >>> sheet = >>> sheet.title = "identification"

Then save the workbook as a new Excel file >>>'edrm4.xlsx')

A new workbook is created with a worksheet named 'identification'.

Additional sheets can be created and named.

>>> sheet2 = wb.create_sheet()

Specify which number worksheet you want to name. 1 is the second worksheet. >>> sheet2 = wb.worksheets[1] >>> sheet2.title = "preservation"

It's necessary to save the workbook before the sheet will be created in the file. >>>'edrm4.xlsx')

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