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Accessing Excel files with OpenPyXL

Here's a quick rundown of how to access an Excel file using Python and get a list of its worksheet names.

OpenPyXL is a module that will allow you to work with Excel spreadsheets in Python. In order to import it (I'm using Python 3.4.2 in this example) . . . go to the folder for the Python software containing scripts and open the Windows command prompt. Enter the command:

pip install openpyxl==2.1.4

After the module is imported, go to Python IDLE, and enter the command:

>>> import openpyxl

We'll review this spreadsheet:

Name the the Excel workbook with the openpyxl.load function, specifying the full path to the Excel file:

>>> wb = openpyxl.load_workbook('C:\FooFolder\python\BattingPost.xlsx')

After the workbook is accessed use this function to generate a list of the names of the worksheets used in the workbook: >>> wb.get_sheet_names()

As shown here we get the following results:

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