Action to Extract Pages from Multiple PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Pro users may have noticed that the option to extract pages from a PDF doesn't give you the option to process multiple files. You can extract the same page range from multiple PDFs using a Java script. Follow these steps in Acrobat:

1. In the Action Wizard section of the Tools module, select, 'Create New Action . . . '.

2. In the More Tools . . . menu, select 'Execute JavaScript', and double-click it so it is listed as an option on the right.

3. Double-click on specify settings and enter a script in this format:


. . . this script will extract pages 1-2 of each PDF that is processed. If you want to extract pages 2 to 5, the script could read:


4. Uncheck 'Prompt User' and save and name the new action.

5. When the action is run, you'll be given the option to select and process multiple files

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