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Case Anywhere

Case Anywhere is an online case management site that allows parties to litigation pending in a court or an active arbitration to exchange filings and other information relevant to their dispute. It has been utilized by JAMS, Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc., and some California state courts, including the Superior Court for Los Angeles, permit litigants to file documents using Case Anywhere.

Case Anywhere makes collaboration hubs available to co-counsel. 'Private labeling' is available for courts who want to use Case Anywhere to host filings, deadlines and other information relevant to its proceedings.

Case Anywhere is popular for product liability and securities cases that are coordinated with one another but involve many individual lawsuits filed in different jurisdictions.

Some attorneys find Case Anywhere message boards an effective way of communicating with the court. These provide a common record of communications between parties that is not divided between respective email systems. The messages can be searched by the name of parties, the dates, and content.

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