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Form Controls

Form Controls in Excel allow you to guide how users enter data in a worksheet. On the Developer tab, you'll see 9 options in the Insert menu.

The command button allows you to run a macro when the button is clicked.

A combo box will allow users to select options from a drop down list.

A check box can be used to enter either TRUE or FALSE in a designated cell depending on whether the box is checked or unchecked.

The spin button can be used to increase or decrease a value in a linked cell.

The minimum, maximum and incremental value can be set for the cell.

A list box lets a user choose from a list of items, and then assigns the number of the item to a designated cell.

Option buttons in a group box allow a user to select one of multiple choices to enter in a designed cell.

The label button simply adds text to describe a form control.

Finally a scroll bar allows you to scroll back and forth to change the value in a designated cell.

Right click on any of these form controls in order to resize or reset them.

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