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Having Outside Parties Access Your Box Account

Many firms have given their employees access to a account. Box is a cloud service that facilitates the sharing of files inside or outside an organization.

A Box account may be linked to your network login, so you'll just have to browse to in your browser (or a variation of this address) and enter your standard user name and password.

In Box you can create a folder and right click on it and then invite collaborators by entering their email addresses.

When you notify the recipient about the link to the box folder created in your account, be sure to tell them to click on the link when logging into Box which indicates that they are not a member of your organization.

So in this example, if you're an employee of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and you create a box folder to be accessed by a non-university member, tell them when logging into to click on the link named, "Not part of University of Nebraska - Lincoln? Log in or Sign Up Here".

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