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Search Multiple PDFs for Files with Attachments

If you want to search through multiple PDFs files to find which have attached files embedded inside, follow this approach.

1. In Advanced Search, click 'Show More Options', and then check off 'Include Attachments' at the bottom.

2. Search for a simple string (such as 'a') which is sure to appear at least once in any file. (You can also try searching for multiple such strings.) The search results will show the hits in the attached files on the second level of the tree. See the references to the 'utf8test.txt' files, attached to 'TCPDF Example 041' below.

3. Save the results to a .csv file.

4. At the end of the .csv file, the attached files will be listed at the bottom with a reference in the 'Search Instance' column to the number of occurrences to the search term(s).

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