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Extract Multiple Page Ranges from Multiple Source PDFs as Separate PDFs

You can use Adobe Acrobat to extract multiple ranges of pages of multiple PDFs, and then save them as separate files.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to File . . .Create . . Combine Files into a Single PDF

2. In the new dialog box that opens add the files you need to process and then designate the Page Ranges in the field next to the File Name column. For any one PDF you can enter multiple ranges this format, "3-7, 10-12, 25-40".

3. Next on the upper right click on "Options'. Select the radial button to save the designated ranges as a portfolio.

4. In the resulting portfolio each excerpted range will be displayed as a separate PDF.

5. Go to File . . .Extract Files from Portfolio, and each separate extracted range will be saved as its own PDF.

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