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Utility to Search Multiple Access Objects

If you have an Access database with a large number of tables, queries, and other objects, you may find it helpful to use the utility developed by Brent Spaulding and posted here on Utter Access. The .mdb file downloads in a zip file. After you've unzipped it, you can import it into your existing Access database by going to External Data . . . New Data Source . . . From Database . . . Access.

You'll have the option to import any objects from the selected database, 'SearchForText.mdb'. Select the 'Form' tab and choose, 'xdlgSearchForText_v42' , and then click OK.

A new form will be added to the Object menu. You can select one or more objects to search. If you search for a field name such as 'HR', you'll get a list of which tables it appears in.

If you search for the table name, you can easily get a list of all of the fields in the table, that you can then select and copy.

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