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Setting Up an Email Threading View

Here's a follow-up to the Tip of the Night for June 10, 2018, which explained how to run an email threading analysis. Setting up an email threading view lets you easily view the results of the structured analytics set.

1. Begin by going to the Workspace Admin tab and select 'View'.

2. Click on, 'New View'.

3. Create a new view with 'Document' selected as the object type.

4. On the Other tab, select 'Email Thread Group' as the Group Definition setting. Then select the fields created when the email threading analysis was run.

5. On the Conditions tab, add the Condition, 'Email Thread Group' field is set.

6. Sort by Email Thread Group, Indentation, Email Threading ID. The Indentation field should also be created with the structured analytics set.

7. Back on the Documents tab, with a folder selected, select the thread that you created.


The black squares denote inclusive emails, or those with content not duplicated in other emails.

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