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Median values with DigDB

I was surprised today to find that while you can use a pivot table to calculate the maximum, minimum and average of values in an array of data, there's no option to determine the median values. On the DigDB site you download an add-in for Excel that will allow you to calculate median values in an array of data in a way that mimics the function of a pivot table.

Download and unzip the .xla file, then go to File . . . Options . . . Add-ins - select Manage 'Excel Add-ins' and click go. Select the .xla file. Under the add-ins tab you should now see a DigDB menu.

So when we have data like this on a worksheet:

We can select to and go to DigDB . . . Get Median . . . in Column By Roll by up . . .

In the Calculation(s) menu you can select Median, and then choose the column whose median values you want to calculate. In this example we want to know the median number of hits each player got per season. Next select in the Group by menu select Player ID.

We get results like these:

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