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iPro Webinar: "Top Reasons for Moving to Cloud eDiscovery"

Ryan Joyce, a senior VP at iPro, conducted a webinar today on the Top Reasons for Moving to Cloud eDiscovery​. Here's my summary of what discussed.

There are six standard deployment options:

1. On-premises

2. Colocatoin

3. Dedicated Hosting

4. Private cloud from a third party vendor.

5. Public cloud

6. Hybrid cloud

There are some possible disadvantages to storing data in the cloud:

1. Cloud systems are occasionally off line.

2. A cost comparison must be performed in order ensure that a cloud solution is cheaper than installing and running software in-house.

3. Outbound data transfers exceeding a fixed limit may be charged per GB.

4. Input/output operations per second on solid state drives (how many operations can be performed by the storage device every second) can effect transaction costs.

5. A need to be transparent about computer costs may be impacted by the difficulty of allocating cloud services.

6. A firm that has recently made a large capital investment in hardware, has contractual agreements for IT services, or has a low ratio of IT staff to users,

The advantages to cloud storage include the following:

1. While a company may have less control over the data, it cuts the cost of an internal IT department and can respond to changing needs more quickly. For example, software upgrades may be performed automatically.

2. Multi-tenant cloud models can respond to sudden changes in demand for services.

3. Cloud deployments eliminate the need for file systems; host machines; Microsoft licensing; SQL licensing; SQL database administers; disaster recovery provisions; and data center facilities.

4. A cloud system may help an organization that does not have security guidelines for its data.

5. Cloud systems are better for businesses who have users that are widely distributed geographically.

Surveys indicate that most Chief Information Officers move to the could because of the increased responsiveness and agility.

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