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Image Magick

Trying going to and download a powerful graphics tool called Image Magick. Image Magick has many functions, but one of the funnest and most interesting is its compare tool which you can run from the Windows command prompt.

If you have two images with differences in content that you want to detect, as in these two examples:

. . . you can use Image Magick's compare command to detect the difference. Hold down SHIFT + CTRL . . . and right click select 'Open command window here'. At the command prompt type magick before any of its commands. To detect the difference between two images you want to enter the application name 'magick' followed by the command 'compare', followed by the two files you are comparing, and ending with the name of new file to be generated that will show the difference.

. . . the resulting file with highlight in red the different between the first and second files.

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