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Case and Saved Searches Artifact IDs

Relativity users will be familiar with the fact that every object in Relativity has an Artifact ID - a unique identifier that is a seven digit number. If you need to find the Artifact ID of a document it's easy enough. You can just edit a saved search and select 'Artifact ID' to include in the fields shown in the search results.

However if you need to find the Artifact ID for a saved search it's not so straight forward. Follow these steps to display the Artifact IDs for your saved searches.

1. Click on the icon for the Search List to toggle off the Search Folder Tree view. Here you switch from just having a list of searched searches to having a view in which you can add and remove files.

2. Go to the Administration menu and select Views, and then edit the View named, 'Advanced Search Browser View'.

3. Add the field named 'Artifact ID'.

4. Now when you browse back to the Saved Searches you'll see the Artifact ID displayed for each search.

If you need to find the Artifact ID for an entire workspace, you can simply look in the address shown in the browser. The 'Case Artifact ID' is the number identified as the App ID.

The Case Artifact ID can also easily be displayed by editing the view for the workspace list.

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