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Pilcrows ¶ and Thorns þ

The following are default delimiters used in Relativity load files:

The character used for columns is ¶ and it is ASCII 20.

The character used for quotes is þ and it is ASCII 254.

The character used for line breaks (in document text) is ® and it is ASCII 174.

The character used for multiple values is ; and it is ASCII 59.

The character used for nested values (folder levels) is \ and it is ASCII 92.

The last three characters you probably recognize - a registered sign, a semi-colon; and a backslash. The first two are more unusual. Many people call a ¶ a paragraph mark, but the correct term is a pilcrow. It's always good to use a fancy word when you can. The funny looking P character, þ , is a thorn - a letter used only Icelandic. Press ALT + 0254 on your number pad to enter it.

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