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Indented List View for a Conversation Index

The Tip of the Night for September 14, 2016 described how to create a transform set for conversation index parsing. We can take this a step further and create an indented list that displays emails and their attachments in a staggered list.

1.Create a new view under the Administration Parent tab.

2. Make the object type of the view 'Document', set Visualization Type to 'Indented List'; the Group Identifier, 'Conversation Family'; Indentation Method, 'ConversationIndex' ; Indentation Definition Field 'Conversation ID' and the Display Field the 'Control Number'.

3. In the next step in the View wizard be sure to include the Control Number . . .

4. There's no need to set any conditions . . . .

4. Sort by the Conversation ID; Date Sent; and then by the Control Number

The result should be a list with the parent email on top and each attached email pushed a little more forward to the right, one after the other.

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