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Setting up an Event Handler in Relativity

Event handlers in Relativity prevent users from violating rules that an admin set up for the use of coding layouts. In this example we have set up an event handler to prevent users from coding documents as being responsive, and not also selecting an issue for a document.

1. Relativity Event Handler Express exists as s separate parent tab. Event Handler Express is a child tab. Click 'New Event Handler Express' and then fill in the basic information.

An event handler cannot have any spaces or special characters in its name. Set the Object Type to 'Document'.

Set up the first condition as the responsiveness designation field being 'Responsive', and then pick the Boolean operator 'AND'. The second condition will be where the Issues field 'is not set'. Prepare an appropriate message for the coder.

Be sure to deploy the event handler in the console to the right.

Now when a user tries to code a document 'responsive' without picking an issue, the event handler will fire, giving him or her a warning message, and preventing them from advancing.

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